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Securing your home is not something you think about every day. But it is important to do so immediately when you place valuable goods in your home.

A new home? Then take extra care.

The chance of a burglary is greatest in the first week after the key transfer.
Have you just bought a new house? Been to the notary? Have you taken out a mortgage? These organisations often work with representatives/sellers of alarm systems for commission purposes. Such companies receive address lists of properties with a new owner.

Unfortunately, these address lists also end up in the wrong hands, and malicious persons have access to addresses of homes that are probably not yet equipped with an alarm system, but with new goods. Sounds like an ideal target for burglars. And for the seller of the alarm system, the iron can be forged while it is hot. The demand for alarm systems is maximum, right after a burglary at your home, or at your neighbours.

I hear you thinking… That can’t be true, can it? Surely the privacy laws will ensure that not everyone can know that I have just bought a new house… Unfortunately! All this information is available for a small fee / commission.

Every day we hear of break-ins in the first week after the key transfer. So you are hereby warned of the risks.

Now that you know that your home really needs a reliable alarm system, and that a reliable seller is just as important, we would like to tell you what you should look for when choosing an alarm system.

Compare providers.

To find out what to look for when buying an alarm system, we will tell you exactly what our experience is and what we think you should look for.

We have already done the real comparison work for you. Because we are completely independent and have no agreement with a specific brand, we can buy anything that we can stand behind in terms of quality. Therefore, we only sell the very best. And we can already tell you that the best alarm system is not the most expensive one, and also works completely without monthly costs.

The search for an alarm system often starts on Google in 2022. Yet Google is not able to give a good answer to the question of what the best alarm system in 2022 really is. Google is dependent on content written by people, and bases its results on a logarithm.

Google cannot think like a human what would be the best system for your specific home. Google only shows an overview of websites where alarm systems are mentioned.

In addition, sellers can also use Google Adwords to promote their own systems in return for payment. So it is by no means a certainty when you search via Google that you will find what is right for you.

People are often led astray by search engines. We will tell you why. If we search on Google for the best alarm system of 2022, we come across various lists with alarm systems from the brands Gigaset, Blaupunkt, Somfy, Home8, Woonveilig, Yale, Honeywell and Eminent. But these are not the brands that are good for securing your home.

The purpose of comparison sites.

The websites that make these lists only have one goal in mind: To make a sale through a link on their page that you click on. Then they receive a percentage in commission.

These websites are not there to inform you which alarm system is really the best. It is much more important that the system with the highest commission gets a number 1 ranking.

The brands mentioned above are not the ones you should look for if you are looking for a good and reliable alarm system. These alarm systems are all far too easy to sabotage. The fact that an alarm system in 2022 is wireless is of course a good thing, because it makes the installation easier. However, there are a lot of worthless wireless alarm systems out there.

Requirements for a reliable alarm system.

What often goes wrong when developing an alarm system is first and foremost the choice of the wireless signal. Especially Wi-Fi and 433Mhz systems are really outdated, because they are easily disturbed, so that a burglary is no longer noticed, and also the bridgeable distance is much too short to work reliably.

A better wireless signal for an alarm system to work on is Zigbee, and systems that work on 868Mhz. However, this is still no guarantee that a professional burglar cannot easily disrupt the signal to remain unnoticed.

That is what really matters.

What distinguishes good alarm systems from bad ones is the following. The frequency of the wireless signal must be constantly monitored for interference. The amount of “noise” must be measured. If the system detects a disturbance in the signal, it must switch to another frequency. If the other frequency is also intentionally disturbed, the system must report this to the user.

This is the only way to detect sabotage of a wireless alarm system. Because anything that is wireless can be sabotaged. What matters is whether or not this sabotage is noticed.

99% of homes with an alarm system can be entered unnoticed with a “jamming” device.

Are you under the impression that your home is well secured? The first burglar can buy a “Signal jammer” for 2 euros on AliExpress and sabotage your system so that the detector no longer registers and no alarm is triggered.

Nobody would want such a system…
Yet 99% of homeowners have such a system!

That is why we are surprised to find so many alarm systems in the lists of others in high positions, i.e. best buy, which we know do not check for sabotage of the wireless signal.

We cannot recommend a system that can be disabled for so little money. So from now on, take these lists with a grain of salt, and know that they have only one purpose: To earn commission when you make a purchase through their link, which they call an affiliate link.

Often you will see links that say “click here for the best price”. Then you know that when you click on it, a commission is paid to the writer. That is the only reason why these lists are written.

It is therefore worthwhile for the writer to recommend brands for which he receives the highest click price compared to the lower click prices. Often the list has nothing to do with the quality of the system. Now that you know this, you are being taken for a ride.

As an independent seller and installer of alarm systems, we can offer any brand. We have deliberately chosen 3 brands of systems, one of which is really our favourite. We would like to explain to you the differences between these 3 brands.

Before we do that, some tips:

One-time purchase or subscription.

Many alarm system sellers try to get you to sign a contract and pay monthly for the use of the alarm system and all its features. We do not recommend this. In 2022, modern systems are able to inform you directly and free of charge on your smartphone what is going on in your home. There is no need for an incident room to inform you verbally; this only slows things down. You can almost always call the police yourself.

Control room

The fact that a private monitoring station always calls the police in the event of a burglary is the biggest lie that many security companies tell their customers.

Many people with an existing alarm system pay a large monthly amount, expecting the police to always come and check on them. This is not the case!

This promise is not given “in black and white” by security companies, just read the small print!

Saving on security costs, without compromising on quality, starts with making the right choice of alarm system brand. In fact, the best quality alarm systems work without monthly charges!

The best systems detect sabotage and report it to you immediately.

The best systems have constant monitoring of the wireless signal, so sabotage is always detected.
Note: There are companies like Securitas / Verisure that claim that “sabotage of the wireless signal”, or “jamming” is detected by their alarm system via the ATN network. This is not true! Because they forget to mention that you as a private person cannot be connected to this. And for companies, it is only available in specific areas.

Are you considering an alarm system? Then always check how sabotage is communicated to the user, and check this too! Sellers often talk their way out of persuading you to sign a costly and lengthy contract!

Many (street) vendors often do not even know how the system they sell works. So if you don’t trust it, ask for a clear explanation of what exactly happens if the wireless signal is sabotaged, and don’t settle for a simple evasive answer along the lines of “it’s protected against that”. (Because it is not! Changing frequencies is not a protection against that if you can simply block that signal as well).

Every brand claims to be the best and the biggest.

The internet is full of websites with lists of “best alarm system of the year”, and on the radio and TV you regularly see advertisements for alarm systems that are supposed to be the best, but secretly offer little in the way of quality, and cost money every month in the form of subscription fees.

Pure marketing, to sell a particular brand of alarm system for more than its quality justifies.

Beware of sales people.

Representatives who come to your door only for the money (commission) to get you to sign an expensive and lengthy contract should be told goodbye immediately.

In fact, when strange people are at your door, you should be extra careful with your belongings, even if they pretend to be a representative of a security company. Any home without an alarm system is a potential target for burglars.


Handy to know:

Our company is based in Spain and we install the best brands of alarm systems in the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida regions. So if you live between Valencia and Almeria and are looking for a really good alarm system without monthly fees, think of us.

Of course, we can always ship the products all over Europe for free if you want to install the systems yourself.