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7 Differences between Ring and AJAX alarm system

Do we ever compare an old Vauxhall to a modern Lamborghini? Yeah, we do. In this article we compare the Ring alarm system, or the “Vauxhall” with the AJAX alarm system. Why do we do that? Because our customers sometimes say they have doubts between the two alarm systems. Yes, they do! So they doubt between an Opel or a Lamborghini, but in terms of security.

The Ring alarm system is available in 2 versions. They do not differ that much from each other, the second version is only a bit more compact in size.

A Ring starter kit consists of a base station, a keypad, a door sensor, a motion sensor, and a range extender. Yes, you read it correctly, the basic starter pack already contains a device to increase the wireless range. That promises “a lot of good”.

Ring alarmsysteem

You don’t get it from us, but Ring pretends to be a professional alarm system with monitoring service. Unfortunately, this service is only available in America and you don’t have the possibility to use it in Europe. Fortunately, we do assume that all alerts will also arrive on your smartphone unlimited and free of charge, but an option to forward an alarm center can be useful for some users. If you are looking for a call transfer to an incident room, Ring is not available, and you can only contact AJAX.

Installation Ring alarm system

The installation of the Ring alarm system is simple, but we had secretly assumed that this product is available at many shops and DIY stores. A lot of technical knowledge in the field of security is not often present in these kinds of shops, and given the large number of products they sell, not to be expected.

With the Ring alarm system you immediately receive notifications on your mobile phone when an alarm sensor is activated, there is a 24 hour backup battery in the control panel, you can place a SIM card in case your internet is offline at home, and through the Ring app on your smartphone you can keep an eye on everything.

The different starter kits of Ring always consist of the above products, but with more expensive starter kits you get more movement and more door sensors to secure the different rooms in your house.

We will discuss the different products further on and compare them with the AJAX alarm system. We will be ready soon, because Ring only has 2 different detectors in the assortment.

Examples AJAX starter kits:

Hub 1
Hub 2

AJAX is also designed for self-installation. Take a look at the installation video under the heading video in the menu to see how easy it is to set up a complete basic starter package in less than 5 minutes.

An additional advantage is that all AJAX products are available in white and black. This makes them fit into any interior. Because you assemble the system yourself you can choose to take some detectors white, and other detectors black so they will stand out the least in your interior. Although the AJAX detectors are best seen.

AJAX’s slogan is not for nothing: When Security is Art.

Compare products Ring alarm system

The range of wirelessly linkable products offered by AJAX is considerably larger than that of the Ring alarm system, partly because the Ring system does not offer motion detectors for outside the home, nor does it integrate other brands of sensors. In addition, the detectors at Ring always work on the basis of Passive InfraRed, also abbreviated as PIR detectors. The sensor then looks at heat displacement in the detection area.

A more expensive and reliable detection is possible by means of an extra Radar detection module like in the AJAX MotionProtect Plus. It first looks at the movement based on a PIR sensor and then uses radar to verify if the signal is not possibly false. Ring does not offer this technique.

There is also a significant difference in the lifespan of the wireless detectors. This is because AJAX products use CR123A batteries. These batteries have considerably more capacity than the batteries Ring uses. In addition, the wireless signal used by Ring also provides a higher energy consumption than the signal used by AJAX, called Jeweller.

This wireless signal has been developed by AJAX itself and offers many advantages over Wi-Fi. Jeweller can only be found with the AJAX wireless alarm system. No other brand can and may use Jeweller. With this technique AJAX has gold in its hands.

The wireless signal

The reason why Ring does not offer detectors for outside the house is because the power of the wireless signal this system uses is not powerful enough for it to work reliably outside. And that’s a pity, because detecting a burglar as early as possible, in other words, outside in the garden, is of course the best there is. With early detection you can really prevent an actual burglary.

The products in the Ring range have a maximum range of 20 metres in the house and 100 metres in open field. But usually the range is just enough to reach the other area of the house. This is also the immediate reason why a range extender is included in a starter package. They themselves already assume that the range will be insufficient to cover the entire house.

With the range extender you increase the signal, but we can’t guarantee that 1 will be enough for you in a large house, actually we can already say in advance that 1 will not be enough if you own a villa. The disadvantage of this range extender is that if a thief pulls them out of your socket, the alarm system will no longer work.

The AJAX Systems alarm system has a wireless range in the house that reaches many times further, namely 200 meters, and in open field even 2000 meters. The technique of this signal has been developed by AJAX itself and is called Jeweller. Also with the AJAX system you can extend this even further with extenders. An extender is called AJAX Rex and these are up to 5 to add.

It will be clear that with these large bridgeable distances that AJAX standard already makes possible, it is very rare that a house requires a Rex. The signal emitted by the Hub standard is more than sufficient for even the largest villas with gardens. An AJAX Rex is only used to secure very large companies.

Then back to the discussion of the products. We name the products from the Ring system here because we want to compare them with AJAX. For a complete overview of the products of AJAX you can consult the AJAX Product category in this webshop. We would like to mention that the mentioned prices are recommended retail prices. If you buy multiple products or an entire system, please contact us to lower your price directly through a discount code that you get from us depending on the size of your purchase.

Take a closer look at some of the products

All AJAX products are available in white and black.

Here we describe all the products of Ring, and only a few of AJAX to compare. Due to the wide range of AJAX products we can’t compare with Ring, as Ring simply doesn’t have these products.

Outside siren

We start with the outside siren of Ring, then we’re done quickly, because Ring doesn’t have one. So it is not possible to use a siren to let the people around your house know that something is going on inside. The volume that the outside siren of AJAX, called StreetSiren, produces is 113db measured at a distance of 1 meter. You can get a lot of attention with this.

If you want to have a little less spectacle outside, you can also choose to lower the volume, you can easily do this in the AJAX Application on your smartphone. If you want more spectacle, we would like to let you know that you can connect up to 10 sirens to one AJAX system wirelessly. If that doesn’t turn into a party.

Ring outside siren: Not available

AJAX StreetSiren:

AJAX StreetSiren | AJAX alarmsysteem

More information

Door contact

There is little difference in this respect, except that the range from the power station at Ring can be up to 20 metres, but preferably less to guarantee correct operation, and that the AJAX DoorProtect can work inside the house up to 240 metres from the Hub.

In addition, AJAX also offers the possibility to have the door contacts detect vibrations or tilts in their AJAX DoorProtect Plus. The door contacts of Ring do not offer this option.

Ring door contact:

Ring alarmsysteem deurdetector


AJAX DoorProtect

AJAX DoorProtect | AJAX Alarmsysteem

More information

Motion detector

The purpose of a motion detector is to register people who should not be in the protected area. An important factor here is how far the detector can register this. With AJAX this is at least 12 meters from the detector. How far the detection distance of Ring is, remains a mystery to us, because they do not mention it, or very difficult to find, on their website.

The motion detector of AJAX is called the AJAX MotionProtect.

As we already mentioned, the motion detectors almost always only work on the basis of PIR. The disadvantage of this working principle is that in rooms where hot and cold air flows from, for example, air conditioning or an open fire, the PIR sensor can generate a false alarm. AJAX recommends choosing a sensor based on PIR and Radar in these rooms. In that case, getting a false alarm is out of the question if you let the air conditioning cool or heat the protected room. As indicated above, you cannot choose a detector in combination with Radar at Ring.

Because the sensitivity of the motion detector of Ring is a lot less, it is always immune to animals or people up to 22 kilograms. The sensitivity of the AJAX MotionProtect motion detector is adjustable in 3 positions and does not detect animals with the weight of respectively 10.15 or 20 kilograms in these positions.

And as a final remark about the comparison of these motion detectors again the difference in range, as this will be the difference with each product:

Range Ring motion detector: Within max 20 meters.
Range AJAX MotionProtect motion detector: Within max 270 meters.

Ring motion detector

Ring alarmsysteem bewegingsdetector

AJAX MotionProtect

AJAX MotionProtect | AJAX Alarmsysteem

More information

Remote control

With the remote control you can easily switch the alarm system on or off at the push of a button. The remote control also has a panic button that you can use at home in case of an emergency to immediately send an alarm message to all your contacts, at least at AJAX, because Ring does not have a remote control in its range, only a keypad. Could this have something to do with Ring’s limited wireless range, that they do not offer a remote control?

AJAX Tip! Expand your alarm system with personal remote controls for all family members. You’ll see on your smartphone who came home first and left last. Useful if you want to know whether your children have come home safely.

In addition to turning the alarm system on or off completely, it can also be turned on partially with the remote control. Useful at night when only the ground floor needs to be switched on. You can easily set which detectors this should be.

The range of the AJAX remote control, called AJAX SpaceControl, is 1000 meters in open space, and in most situations it will work in the entire street, and of course also in the house.

If you press the panic button on the AJAX SpaceControl, all paired mobile phones will immediately be notified of this event, i.e. they will know immediately that something is going on.

Ring remote control: Not available

AJAX SpaceControl

AJAX SpaceControl | AJAX Alarmsysteem

More information

Range extender

With the range extender you increase the wireless range. The Ring alarm system always needs a range extender, and is standard in every starter package, a pity that this is necessary with Ring. A big disadvantage of the range extender of Ring is that if it is unplugged by a burglar, the alarm system will no longer function. With AJAX you don’t need a range extender because of the many times stronger wireless signal, and if you want to secure large companies of more than 10,000 square meters, you can do this with the AJAX ReX range extender, which does function without power.

Ring Range extender

Ring range

Smoke detector

This smart wireless smoke detector alerts you and your contacts immediately in the event of an incipient fire. As soon as smoke is detected, a loud siren sounds and you and your contacts immediately receive an alarm notification by SMS, telephone or e-mail.

With the smart smoke detector you don’t give a serious fire at home a chance. Wherever you are.

The smoke detector from AJAX is called the AJAX FireProtect. Ring has no smoke detector in the range.

Ring smoke detector: Not available

AJAX FireProtect

AJAX FireProtect | AJAX Alarmsysteem

More information

Control panel

The wireless control panel allows you to operate the alarm system in an accessible place in your home using your own personal PIN codes.

The control panel also has a panic button with which you can immediately send an alarm message to all your contacts in case of an emergency.

We don’t really understand why the image of the Ring keypad shows that it lies loose on the kitchen counter, but it doesn’t look very professional.

Ring control panel

Ring bedieningspaneel


AJAX KeyPad | AJAX Alarmsysteem

More information

Inside siren

In Ring’s case, the siren is built into the central unit. You are therefore very limited in the position where you place it, because you do not want the most important part of your alarm system to be directly in sight, and the siren should actually be audibly present again.

At AJAX you can place the siren wherever you want. There is a choice of indoor sirens, but also sirens especially for outdoors, which sound up to 5 times louder, and also attract attention with red lighting.

Ring indoor siren / central unit

Ring centrale alarmsysteem

AJAX HomeSiren

AJAX HomeSiren | AJAX Alarmsysteem

More information

So much for the comparison of AJAX with the products that Ring has in its assortment. The products of Ring are actually limited to a simple door and motion detector, it’s not much more than that. The possibilities and the number of products of AJAX is many times larger, and will only increase due to the current plans for the future of AJAX. By the end of 2020, a team of 2000 people will be working on the development and assembly of AJAX security products. So you can assume that there will be many more great products in the future that will allow you to expand the AJAX system. AJAX will be sold in 93 countries worldwide in 2020.

The discussion of the other AJAX products that have not been discussed here (and there are a lot of them), can be found on the product page of the relevant detector.


Actually, it was already known in advance that it is not really a fair comparison to start comparing the cheap Ring alarm system with the number 1 in security products: AJAX Systems.

We call this article 7 differences between Ring and AJAX, but actually there are 70 differences in favor of AJAX. This is mainly due to the chosen signal that the alarm system uses and the number of products that the manufacturer has developed, and will develop.

Ring alarm systems can be found in department stores and DIY stores, and is aimed at the public that wants to do something cheap about security in their home, but the system is certainly not professional, that’s not what the price is for.

The lack of detector choice, warning possibilities and certainly not forgetting the very limited wireless signal contribute to the fact that the Ring alarm system is far from ideal.

It is also a pity that there are no separate sirens, loose remote controls are missing, and everything is aimed at detecting burglars inside the house.

Detection in the garden or outside is also completely absent with this Ring alarm system. And that’s exactly what AJAX excels at, detecting burglars before they can start a burglary, in your garden or driveway, using detectors such as the MotionProtect Outdoor.

To conclude with something positive about the Ring alarm system: The positive side is that Ring is slightly cheaper than AJAX products, and that they are slightly ahead of the game in terms of compatibility with smart home products, although the future update that AJAX has announced this year will also go beyond this.

Our enthusiasm knows no bounds

We assume that after reading this comparison you have become as enthusiastic as we are about the AJAX alarm system, and can’t wait to use it. Installation is easy, and completely self-explanatory, and if you can’t get out of it, we are ready to help you 7 days a week. We can even remotely log in to your system to program everything the way you want it, always completely free of charge for all systems purchased from us.

We’ve become so enthusiastic that we’ve broken through in our service:

  • 4 Year Warranty
  • Guaranteed the lowest price with our discount codes
  • Free programming
  • Free shipping
  • Free payment via all payment methods such as Credit Card

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