Product return due to defect

It may happen that you experience a complaint with one of the products purchased from us. This is of course annoying, and we would like to solve it for you.
To make sure that the complaint is not caused by something as simple as a flat battery, we would like to ask you to check this first.
You can find a battery replacement guide in the AJAX application if you select the product in your device list and go to settings. At the bottom you can select the manual and see it.
If after replacing the battery the product still shows the same complaint, it’s time to return it to us.
Please contact us via email for a return form. Fill it out and add it to the product. Send it well packaged to the address listed on the return form.
As soon as we receive the product, it will be checked and tested on our own alarm system. If the complaint is also present, the product will not be repaired, but immediately exchanged for a new one and returned free of charge.

When will the product not be replaced and returned free of charge?

  • If the product is intended for indoor use and has water damage.
  • If the product does function correctly with a new battery.
  • If no complaint is found on our own test alarm system, it concerns a user or assembly error of the customer.
  • If the product has damage from falling or bumping.
  • In case AJAX SpaceControl has water damage.