259,00 incl. VAT

The Optex QXI-RDT-X5 is from the QX Infinity series, with battery power and anti masking.
The battery power comes from the AJAX Transmission module which is included as standard in this detector. The AJAX Transmitter has a wireless range of 1.700 meters in open field. The price includes the AJAX Transmitter pre-installed.
  • Detector especially for outdoor installation
  • Detection angle: 120 degrees
  • Distance: 12 metres
  • Can be mounted both low (0.8~1.2m) and high (2.2~2.7m)
  • PIR adjustable in 4 sensitivities
  • Extra Radar sensor, also with adjustable sensitivity
  • Up to 40 detection zones in the high mounting position
Optex QXI-RDT-X5
Optex QXI-RDT-X5