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The Ezviz C3A camera is completely wireless thanks to Wi-Fi and the rechargeable built-in battery of 5500mAh.

Battery life on one battery charge:
Without Ezviz Hub: Maximum 3 months
With Ezviz Hub: Maximum 9 months

Charging is done with a standard Micro USB cable (this cable is not supplied by Ezviz). Because this camera is completely wireless, it can be positioned anywhere in and around the house. Thanks to its compact size, you can hide it anywhere.

The EZVIZ Hub extends the battery life of the EZVIZ C3A wireless camera to 9 months, instead of the standard 3 months.

Ezviz C3a camera+Hub
1 Ezviz C3A wireless infrared camera + Ezviz Hub

225,00 incl. VAT

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