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Hikvision DS-3E0508D-E

8 Port Gigabit Switch for easy expansion of your available number of RJ45 internet ports.

On your internet router there are often up to 4 ports available. If you want to connect more wired products such as TVs, cameras or an alarm system, it may be necessary to expand the number of ports. This Hikvision DS-3E0508D-E Switch plugs into one of the available ports on your router, giving you 8 new ports. More than enough to connect all your devices wired.

The Hikvision DS-3E0508D-E uses very little power, so you can always leave it on. The speed of each port is 1000 megabits. The cheaper switches only have ports of 10 or 100 megabits. With this 1000 megabit, or Gigabit switch, you always get the maximum speed of your internet connection.

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39,00 incl. VAT

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