Frequently asked questions and answers

  1. Who are our customers?
    Our customers are people who were looking for an alarm system of high quality and special features that they do not have to pay for every month. All our systems operate completely without subscription fees.
    Our systems offer qualities such as tamper detection in all possible areas, and a huge wireless range that makes installation easy and offers possibilities to mount detectors outside the home as well. These are just a few examples that set our systems apart from the rest.
    Early detection in your garden, even before an intruder has started an actual break-in, prevents a real break-in attempt. The intruder is chased away in the garden rather than when he is already in the house.
    No break-in attempt = no damage, no costs, no inconvenience.
    That’s what everyone is looking for these days!
    An alarm system only inside the house is so 1980s. (Of course, we understand that the possibilities for outdoor detection are limited in flats, where an indoor detection system will do just fine).
    For online sales, we have customers all over Europe. We ship all over Europe. So residents of the Netherlands and Belgium can also receive our products by post free of charge. Delivery will always take place within 24 to 72 hours.
    The people who have an installation carried out by us live in south-east Spain. We are located in Torrevieja, which is 45 km below Alicante.
    We perform installations mainly for Dutch or English-speaking people, who live in the area between Denia and Murcia / Cartagena.
    Our company is often advised by estate agents when buying a house, because (holiday) homes in Spain cannot be left unoccupied without a proper alarm system due to the risk of burglary and squatters.
    Also in 2022, we see another huge increase in the number of burglaries in Spain because of the high vacancy rate and world problems. As more and more families become homeless, the number of squats in Spain is also increasing dramatically. Realise that if your property is squatted, it often takes 2 years before you are legally regulated to re-enter your own home, in a state you do not want to find it in.
    So do not wait until it is too late to install an alarm system.
    Every day we install somewhere following a burglary. We find that so unfortunate.
    People always contact us a day too late. Will you contact us in time to prevent a real break-in?
  2. In which area of Spain do we install?
    We install to everyone in a radius up to about 200km from Torrevieja in Spain.
    We are working weekly in: Denia, Jávea, Oliva, Moraira, Benissa, Calpe, Altea, Benidorm, Finestrat, Alcoy, Villajoyosa, Alicante, Orihuela, Murcia, Pilar de la Horadada, San Pedro del Pinatar and Cartagena.
  3. Why do people choose our alarm systems?
    Firstly, because of our expertise in outdoor detection. With outdoor detection, you prevent a real break-in.
    The siren sounds as soon as someone steps into your garden.
    This prevents a lot of break-in damage and further inconvenience.
    In addition to the standard alarm system packages, we also offer truly customised solutions. We carefully examine all weak points of a house and offer a perfect security solution.
    The alarm system salesmen who often show up at your door uninvited in Spain sell you a poor-quality basic set for which you have to pay more and more every month, and which is not tailored to your needs.
    This is not how we work. We offer the best system for a one-off fee, and then you can enjoy it for life.
    So people also deliberately choose us to avoid spending a high amount on subscription fees every month. (And the fact that our systems are also of much higher quality is a nice bonus, of course).
  4. Can you visit me for a quotation?
    For an offer, we do not need to visit you specifically. With the modern possibilities of video calling or sending photos via Whatsapp, we can already get a good picture of your home so that we can make you an accurate offer.
    This way of working saves time and money, which allows us to install the systems at your premises at an affordable price. After all, we only have to visit you once.How do you send us photos or videos?
  5. How do you send us photos or videos?
    You can send us images via WhatsApp.
    This allows us to put together a customised system for you, and give you the exact price, without having to visit you beforehand.
    Follow the WhatsApp link (click) to open WhatsApp on your smartphone and get in touch with us directly.
    Of course, you can always contact us by phone for a consultation, to make your requirements known.
  6. How much are the installation costs?
    You can find more information on our installation page, click to open it in new tab.
  7. What is the total price of an alarm system including installation?
    You can find more information on our installation page, click to open it in new tab.
  8. How much time does an average installation take?
    You can find more information on our installation page, click to open it in new tab.
  9. What does an installation appointment look like?
    You can find more information on our installation page, click to open it in new tab.
  10. Do you have a specific budget you want to spend on home security?
    That’s good to hear. We can put together a package for any budget.
    That way, you can be sure to get the best alarm system that fits your budget.
  11. What does a complete outdoor detection system cost?
    You can find more information on our installation page, click to open it in new tab.
  12. Are cameras necessary to complement an alarm system?
    When the siren sounds, you naturally want to know why the alarm is going off.
    With indoor detection, you immediately call the police that there has been a break-in, as the thief is already inside your home.
    With outdoor detection, you want to see what the person in your garden is doing, and what their reaction is to hearing the loud siren.
    If the intruder runs away hard, (which is what they normally do) then you basically don’t need to do anything, because the intruder hasn’t been further than your garden, and no real break-in has been committed. Should the intruder not leave, which is not usual if he hears a loud siren, you call the police.
    Cameras are therefore ideal for verifying what happens when a burglary is reported, you know immediately whether or not to contact the police.
  13. How many cameras are needed for a detached villa?
    Normally 2 cameras are needed to cover 4 sides of the house.
    As the cameras are completely wireless, they can also easily be mounted where they face the house, so that the image obtained can be used to view two sides of the house.
    Old-fashioned wired cameras are always mounted on the façade of the house, so you need at least 4 cameras to see everything. With wireless cameras, you save on the number of cameras needed and, thanks to the latest technology, the image quality is excellent.
  14. What is the minimum price of an alarm system?
    Our packages start at 589 euros for a complete indoor alarm system that allows you to secure 3 rooms. This is an ideal package for flats.
    If you want to secure fewer rooms, the price drops, and if you want to secure more than 3 rooms, you only pay the price of a separate detector extra.
  15. My budget is 1000 euros, what is best to take for that?
    Every house is different, so there is no standard answer as to what is best for your home. However, we can tell you that detecting burglars outside the house with exterior detection prevents real burglary damage.
    So if the house and the budget allow, we focus on exterior detection. A combination of indoor and outdoor detectors is possible for €1000.
  16. What is the difference between our systems and those of providers such as Securitas direct?
    We work with the Hikvision and AJAX brands, the two largest security manufacturers in the world.
    Providers like Securitas work with a proprietary system, which is of much poorer quality.
    So we, and burglars of course, can jam, or disrupt, these wireless systems from “Securitas direct” so that they no longer work.
    These “jammers” are available online for as little as a few tens of dollars.
    Hikvision and AJAX, on the other hand, cannot be jammed without the owner being told.
    That is the power of the latest technology from the market leaders in security.
  17. Does the alarm system also protect against squatters?
    In Spain, as an owner, you only have 24 hours to a maximum of 48 hours to have squatters removed from your property by the police. So it is of paramount importance that you are informed immediately if someone enters your property illegally. With our systems, you will know within 1 second so you can notify the police immediately.
  18. What connection is needed for the alarm system?
    The control unit needs a power connection and a working internet connection. For locations where no permanent internet is available, you can opt for a SIM card, which is available for €1 per month.
  19. No internet available yet, can the system be installed?
    Yes, we can install everything, even without internet.
    The alarm will also function normally without internet.
    The only thing that will not work without internet is the transmission of notifications to your smartphone. What you do receive on your smartphone is the notification that the power or internet is not working. So then it is time to start looking into what is causing this.
    The siren will sound normally at all times during an attempted break-in. So even without power and without internet, the siren will always work at any burglary attempt.
  20. The system works over the internet, what if the internet goes down?
    You will immediately receive a notification on your smartphone of a non-functioning internet connection so you can fix it. The siren will continue to sound in case of a burglary detection. The intrusion notification will arrive on your phone as soon as the internet connection is re-established.
  21. Are there monthly fees to use all the features of the system?
    No. All functions can be used free of charge.
    As the intrusion alerts do not arrive at an alarm centre, but on your own phone, no monthly charges apply.
  22. Who replaces the batteries when they run out after 4 years?
    You can maintain the entire system yourself. Replacing the batteries can be done by anyone without technical knowledge. A clear manual in your own language is available for this purpose for each type of detector.
    You will find this manual simply in the Hik-Connect App on your mobile phone.
    If you do not wish to change the batteries yourself, you can choose to take out a maintenance contract with us. We will then take care of system maintenance such as changing batteries, and make sure everything works correctly at all times.
  23. What is the lifetime of the batteries in the detectors?
    This varies between 3 and 7 years per detector.
  24. How does the alarm system operate?
    Switching the alarm system on and off can be done via your own smartphone, but also possibly with a remote control on your keychain. There is also the option of using a keypad or tag reader for switching on and off. The number of users that can operate the system is infinite.
  25. Can the system be connected to a monitoring centre?
    It can, but why would you want to? This is because it offers no added value, and only involves additional costs. In fact, the starting rate is 35 euros a month, and for this all they do is call you when an alarm is triggered.
    An alarm centre may only call the police if several detectors have gone into alarm, and only after they have spoken to you as the owner. You must always agree to call the police first, because police calls without burglary damage incur high costs for you. These police costs can run into thousands of euros.
    Valuable time is lost with the intervention of an emergency room! Receiving a direct burglary notification on your own smartphone is faster and free of charge!
    Moreover: 100% of burglars leave immediately when the siren sounds. And with our outdoor detection, the siren sounds immediately when the burglar is just standing in your garden.
    So the police don’t even need to be called if you see on the camera images that the burglar is leaving.
    In addition, burglary alarms are given a much higher priority by the police if the owner of the house calls the alarm himself. Indeed, control rooms still too often send the police to idle reports, which is why the police do not come to check until several hours later, or not at all.
    If you read the small print of the monitoring centre contract, you will also see that it states that the police will not be called without your agreement. Your agreement is necessary because you are then responsible for the costs that the police can recover from you if the burglary report turns out to be false.
    It should be clear that we do not recommend an alarm centre connection quickly.
  26. Many alarm system providers claim that their system is linked to police forces.
    This is said to persuade you to sign an expensive and long-term contract. No private home is directly linked to the police control room.
  27. Some vendors claim that the police won’t come to check if you don’t have an emergency room contract in place. Is this true?
    Scaremongering, and absolutely not true. Only the vendors who try to get you to sign an expensive contract tell you this nonsense.
    Of course, the police always come when you call them to report that a stranger is in your garden or house.
    So a subscription to an emergency room is definitely a waste of money.
    You are much quicker at calling the police yourself if necessary, and it’s free too. But as we already wrote, every burglar flees upon hearing the siren, so calling the police is rarely necessary.
    Especially with outdoor detection, the siren sounds as soon as someone takes one step into the garden. When the siren then sounds, every burglar flees to a street further away, or towards the neighbours.
  28. What is the best brand of alarm system in 2022?
    We work exclusively with the Hikvision and AJAX brands. These are absolutely the best brands today.
  29. Can the system also be viewed in action?
    Yes, if you are not yet fully convinced of the great security solutions we have to offer, we would like to invite you to one of the many show houses we own, all equipped with outdoor detection.
    Over a cup of coffee, we will show you what the alarm systems we offer are capable of.
    We are sure you will become at least as enthusiastic as we already are.
    Our show houses are all located in Torrevieja.

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