What would you prefer?

Receiving a call from the alarm company, for which you pay 50 euros a month, telling you that a possible burglar has been in your house for some time, or…

Receive a free Push notification on your smartphone within 0.15 seconds after the first movement registration with the message that a person is walking through your garden?


The most important thing about a security system is that you are alerted as soon as possible.

Not if the burglar has already forced a window or door and is already in your house, but immediately at the very first step in your garden.

At that moment, the siren should sound and you should be informed of a dangerous situation.

Thanks to AJAX MotionProtect Outdoor, early motion detection outside the house is possible.

The wireless range of almost all AJAX detectors is 2.000 meters is open field, and the batteries last an average of 5 years.

This makes the detectors easy to mount anywhere. And because the AJAX application is connected in the cloud, any intrusion or sabotage attempt is immediately reported on your smartphone, wherever you are in the world.

AJAX is more than just intrusion registration
The AJAX safety system can also warn you of smoke/fire, detect water leakage or automatically switch on electrical appliances. In this way you can, for example, choose to have extra garden lighting switched on when someone in your garden triggers the alarm. Or operate lighting automatically at a specific time.

Early detection, what does that mean?

There are dozens of different brands of burglary and security systems, and they all use the word early detection in their advertisements. But one brand isn’t the other, and with virtually every other intrusion detection system they find a door contact or a vibration sensor on the windows are already part of early detection. But by now we know that this is not early detection.

Why do other brands of alarm systems not offer the same outdoor detectors as AJAX?
The reason is simple. To be able to mount a detector outdoors, the detector must at least be able to cope with all the special circumstances that can occur outdoors. Think of the registration of moving plants, presence of cats and birds, or the weather influences such as rain. Many manufacturers do not have this technique in house.

Another important reason why few manufacturers offer outdoor detection is because the wireless signal does not reach outside. And cables are pulled dozens of meters outside and few people want or are able to dispose of them safely and invisibly.

AJAX’s patented wireless signal called Jeweller is only available on AJAX alarm systems.

Detection of burglary attempts starts with the location where detection takes place
I’m sure we agree that detection outside the home is best. However, not all houses can be secured on all sides with outdoor motion detectors. In the garden at the back of the house it is often not a problem, but at the front it often becomes a lot more difficult. That is why there are high quality detectors for outside the house as well as detectors for use in the house. These detectors only respond to people, not to small dogs or cats under 20KG.

Wireless, but safer than a wired system
Any notification of detection will be forwarded to the AJAX Cloud via the central unit of the alarm system called the Hub. Your own smartphone which is constantly connected to the same Cloud via the downloaded AJAX application will receive a notification within 0.15 seconds, and report what’s going on.

Blocking of the wireless signal, or loss of one of the connections from the Hub or the wireless detectors will be immediately detected by the Cloud, and you will be notified immediately by a notification on your smartphone.

Outdoor detection method

AJAX outdoor motion detectors only respond to humans, not dogs, cats, birds, blowing trees, or other vegetation.

By using 2 sensors at different heights, an alarm will only be generated when both sensors register the same thing.

Watch the demonstration video of the AJAX MotionProtect Outdoor.

Assembly example MotionProtect Outdoor

The MotionProtect Outdoor is designed to monitor larger areas of your garden for movement.
The range of MotionProtect Outdoor is up to 15 meters at an angle of 90 degrees.

Mounting can take place on any surface.
Whether on a tree trunk, on the wall of your garden or on the facade of your house. It doesn’t matter.

– Mounting height between 80-130 cm.
– Sensitivity sensor adjustable in 3 positions.
– Range adjustable between 3 and 15 meters.

AJAX MotionProtect Outdoor

As indicated earlier, the detector does not respond to dogs / cats.
This allows your pet to walk freely in your garden, and you will only be warned in case of real danger.

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