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The best alarm system for office and business

Business security is a necessary thing. Not only are there a lot of valuables in office buildings, also the information that can be found on many computers should not just become public. That is why it is wise to secure every room of an office or other large company properly, so that intruders are immediately noticed.

What to look out for when purchasing a company alarm system

To reduce the risk of burglary there are many different alarm systems for sale, both wired and wireless. Of course, wireless is the easiest to install, but most wireless alarm systems are based on Wi-Fi, and we don’t want that. Wi-Fi is bad because of limited possibilities in both range and communication with detectors. You have to be able to rely completely on an alarm system, so we skip the Wi-Fi signal.

Corporate security, you don’t just choose one

Quality is of the utmost importance in protecting your office and business. Fortunately, the manufacturer AJAX Systems has developed a modern proprietary wireless signal called Jeweller that makes all the negative features of Wi-Fi a thing of the past. This gives you the convenience of wireless and the quality of wired.

The Jeweller signal makes the AJAX security system the system with the widest wireless range. Add to that the development and production of the very latest wireless detectors, and you’ll understand that they’ve brought a great alarm system to the market.

By 2020, AJAX will have a team of 1,000 people working in their company, much of which will be fully focused on the development of new products, and existing products will be regularly updated with software to further optimize them.

With so much energy and the thought of developing the best and easiest alarm system, AJAX is already well on its way. In 2020 they will become the new market leader in security products in Europe, thanks to their simplicity and quality. You can easily install the system yourself via your own smartphone, as well as the full operation of the system. Of course you can also have the system installed, but it is not necessary.

What can the AJAX system do for your company or office?

AJAX is an intelligent intrusion security system that warns you immediately in case of unwanted visits. Not only does this happen with a notification on your smartphone, but AJAX can also immediately show you several photos of the cause of the notification. All this within 7 to 9 seconds after the detected motion registration. This way you are immediately informed who is in your company / office and you can take appropriate action. Of course, in addition to the smartphone, the registration of a burglary can also be accompanied by one or a few loud sirens to scare off the burglar and let him know that he has been spotted.

The AJAX product responsible for motion detection with camera images is the MotionCAM. This product is a motion detector that monitors rooms up to 12 meters away for the presence of people. The detector, like all AJAX detectors, runs on batteries with a lifespan of about 4 to 5 years. After this you simply replace the battery yourself. Mounting the detector is easy thanks to the supplied plugs and screws, and you do not have to worry about the range, this is from the Hub (the name for the central unit of the system) up to 2,000 meters. So you can mount the AJAX MotionCAM really easy anywhere.

The AJAX alarm is particularly suitable for large companies because the number of detectors that can be wirelessly linked to the Hub is no less than 150. So you can check 150 different rooms for the presence of unwanted people, all with one App on your smartphone. You also don’t have to worry whether the range of the detectors is sufficient, because if many concrete floors limit the range, you can easily connect up to 5 AJAX Rex to the Hub. This creates a wireless network that can cover up to 35 square kilometers in the open air.

Operating alarm system suitable for 100 users

The AJAX application allows you to create up to 100 users who can control the system, each with their own privileges. If there is a burglary report, you could even notify 100 different employees in 0.15 seconds by means of a push notification on their smartphone. Of course, it is also possible to notify only the manager that something is wrong.

Do you want a certain employee to only be able to turn on or off a certain part of the company? Then you simply create a group over which this employee has control. In this way, each employee can have rights over different areas.

In the AJAX application panic situations are also considered. If the employee presses the panic button in the App, his GPS location will be communicated to all pre-selected users, so they immediately know where help is needed.

How many detectors does a company or office need

This of course depends entirely on the size of the company. We can imagine that you want to secure rooms that can be accessed from the outside via doors or windows with motion detectors. But rooms on the 11th floor of a large office building while the access roads and ground floor are also secured you can probably skip.

Which detectors for a company or office

AJAX offers various detectors, such as motion detectors based on PIR, but also in conjunction with Radar, and detectors with built-in camera as discussed above. In addition, there are door contacts, smoke detectors, water detectors, panic buttons, and many more products available. And the great thing about AJAX is that there are still many high quality products in development and will soon be available.

Optional options to secure your business

With the AJAX MotionCAM you have one camera in each motion detector at your disposal. If you also want to have cameras that record images 24/7, you can consider purchasing a separate camera system.

AJAX also thinks about the privacy of your employees, because the cameras in the motion detectors cannot be consulted on request. Only when the alarm system is activated and the detector detects a movement, photos are taken and immediately forwarded. In all other circumstances it is impossible to obtain images via the built-in camera, the software simply does not allow this. Privacy is the most important thing for AJAX.


Every alarm system needs a central unit, which ensures that everything works together. The switchboard is called AJAX Hub, and is available in different versions. The differences between the available versions can be found on the page where we explain how the system works.

Actually, the only important thing here is that you know that Hub 1 does not support motionCAM and future outdoor motion detectors with built-in cameras, and Hub 2 does.

The AJAX Hub is the only component within the alarm system that is wired to power, and preferably connected to your Internet router. All other products/detectors are completely wireless.

Where does a complete security system for your office or company consist of

Each AJAX system always consists of one Hub, and one or more detectors for intrusion detection, or detection of smoke or water. The complete range of available detectors can be found in the category AJAX products.

In addition to detectors, you can choose sirens, remote controls, and possibly keypads for operating the system. Of course you can also use your own smartphone to operate the system at all times.

When securing an office or company, the indoor detectors are the most commonly chosen. Especially the motion detector AJAX MotionProtect, and the same version but with built-in camera AJAX MotionCAM are chosen a lot.

In addition, smoke detectors such as the AJAX FireProtect are often connected to the system. Some companies also choose to equip each door with a door sensor, the AJAX DoorProtect, but if a motion detector is already installed in the room behind the door in question, this is sometimes a bit double.

2,000 metres range, more than enough for the office and company

The detectors all have a large wireless range, which they owe to the Jeweller signal. This wireless protocol is unique to AJAX products and was developed by AJAX itself. Jeweller is economical in power consumption, which is good for the battery, consumes little data, and is protected against external intrusion. You can read all the information about this wireless signal with us.

Note: The 2,000 meters is the range between the central AJAX Hub and the wirelessly connected detectors. The range in which you receive free intrusion reports on your mobile phone is of course infinite, provided that your smartphone is equipped with internet and the mobile network signal is sufficient.

Create your own alarm system for your company

Every company is different, so every company needs different quantities or a different type of detector to get the best security. That is why there is no good basic system that is suitable for everyone. It is best to put together your own security package. You can do this in consultation with us, but you can also read our starter package configurator page. We are convinced that this will allow you to put together your own system.

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