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The best alarm system for your townhouse / terraced house

Burglary in a townhouse is common. To drastically reduce the risk of burglary, there are many different alarm systems for sale, both wired and wireless. Of course, wireless is the easiest to install, and this is what many people are looking for. However, many wireless alarm systems are based on Wi-Fi, and we don’t want that because of its poor range.

Fortunately, the manufacturer of AJAX’s alarm system has developed a modern proprietary wireless signal called Jeweller, which makes all the negative properties of Wi-Fi a thing of the past.

Couple the huge wireless range with the highest quality detectors and you get a great intrusion detection system. AJAX has been selected by the security jury at home and abroad for several years in a row as the best security system, and is now sold in 93 countries. Especially the early detection of burglars by means of optional outside detection is one of the many positive points in the AJAX system. You can easily install and fully operate the system yourself via your own smartphone.

What can the AJAX system do for your townhouse?

AJAX is an intelligent intrusion security system that warns you immediately in case of unwanted visits. Not only does this happen with a notification on your smartphone, but AJAX can also immediately show you several photos of the cause of the notification. All this within 7 to 9 seconds after the detected motion registration. In this way you are immediately informed who is in your apartment and you can take appropriate action. Of course, in addition to the smartphone, the registration of a burglary can also be accompanied by one or a few loud sirens to scare off the burglar and let him know that he has been spotted.

The AJAX product responsible for motion detection with camera images is the MotionCAM. This product is a motion detector that monitors rooms up to 12 meters away for the presence of people. The detector, like all AJAX detectors, runs on batteries with a lifespan of about 4 to 5 years. After this you simply replace the battery yourself. Mounting the detector is easy thanks to the supplied plugs and screws, and you do not have to worry about the range, this is from the Hub (the name for the central unit of the system) up to 2,000 meters. So you can mount the AJAX MotionCAM really easy anywhere.


Every alarm system needs a central unit, which ensures that everything works together. The switchboard is called AJAX Hub, and is available in different versions. The differences between the available versions can be found on the page where we explain how the system works.

The AJAX Hub is the only component within the alarm system that is wired to power, and preferably connected to your Internet router.

Extra attention in case of a burglary in your townhouse

With AJAX StreetSiren you make sure that not only inside the alarm is audible, but also outside the house. The outdoor siren gives a volume of no less than 113 decibels. Note that an increase of 3 decibels in volume means a doubling of the sound. The unit decibel grows exponentially. An increase of 8 decibels means that it sounds more than 6 times louder!

You can adjust the volume of both the HomeSiren and StreetSiren in the AJAX application. You could also lower the volume of the StreetSiren if you don’t want to enjoy the whole street.

The advantage of an extra outdoor siren is that it gives extra attention in case of a burglary attempt, and everyone can actually see that there is an alarm system in your house in between. The StreetSiren also has a bright red LED ring in the housing which is clearly visible during an alarm.

And should anyone get the idea to move / touch the siren, regardless of whether the system is on alarm or off, the siren will sound. In the StreetSiren there is a built-in vibration / movement sensor that makes the siren sound as soon as someone with bad intentions wants to do something with the siren.

2,000 metres range, more than enough for a townhouse

The detectors all have a large wireless range, which they owe to the Jeweller signal. This wireless protocol is unique to AJAX products and was developed by AJAX itself. Jeweller is economical in power consumption, which is good for the battery, consumes little data, and is protected against external intrusion. You can read all the information about this wireless signal with us.

Note: The 2,000 meters is the range between the central AJAX Hub and the wirelessly connected detectors. The range in which you receive free intrusion reports on your mobile phone is of course infinite, provided that your smartphone is equipped with internet and the mobile network signal is sufficient.

Create your own alarm system for a townhouse

You can put together your own system as described on our starter kit configurator.

In short, it comes down to choosing one Hub, (without MotionCAM the Hub 1 will suffice) and then you choose the desired detectors in the right numbers.

For extra security, don’t forget to add an AJAX FireProtect smoke detector. These smoke detectors are extremely reliable and they are the best smoke detectors currently available worldwide. Not only do they check for the presence of smoke, they also detect rapid temperature rises that would not occur under normal circumstances. They are not cheap, but they can save lives! (And they are also available with CO detection / carbon monoxide: AJAX FireProtect Plus)

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If you want a different composition

We have described above what the best-selling composition is for securing a townhouse. However, if you want more or less detectors, or if you want to expand with, for example, extra smoke detectors, you can choose the above package and expand it, or you can simply select all desired products yourself.

With AJAX you secure different objects and parcels of land

Not a townhouse but something else to secure? It’s possible.

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