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The best alarm system for a detached property

A detached property, i.e. a villa, is in the higher price range of residences. And in order to secure your valuable property well from the inside as well, a proper alarm system is something that everyone should have. Certainly owners of a detached house can easily protect their home against intruders.

Because the space around their home is also private property, and normally not freely accessible to others, this is the place where people with a burglar’s mind already have to and can be noticed with the AJAX alarm system. Because the best is of course to notice an unwanted person in your garden, and not in your detached house. In this way you prevent a burglary attempt, and a lot of burglary damage.

To drastically reduce the risk of burglary, there are many different alarm systems for sale, both wired and wireless. Of course, wireless is the easiest to install, but many wireless alarm systems are based on Wi-Fi, and we don’t want that because of its poor range. Wi-Fi is unsuitable for an alarm system, absolutely unsafe.

Fortunately, the manufacturer of AJAX’s alarm system has developed a modern proprietary wireless signal called Jeweller, which makes all the negative properties of Wi-Fi a thing of the past. This immediately makes the AJAX security system the best fully wireless alarm system you can buy in the year 2020. You can easily install the system yourself via your own smartphone, as well as full control of the system.

What can the AJAX system do for your detached property / villa?

AJAX is an intelligent intrusion security system that warns you immediately in case of unwanted visits. Not only does this happen with a notification on your smartphone, but AJAX can also immediately show you several photos of the cause of the notification. All this within 7 to 9 seconds after the detected motion registration. In this way you are immediately informed who is in your detached house and you can take appropriate action. Of course, in addition to the smartphone, the registration of a burglary can also be accompanied by one or a few loud sirens to deter the burglar and let him know that he has been spotted.

The AJAX product responsible for motion detection with camera images is the MotionCAM. This product is a motion detector that monitors rooms up to 12 meters away for the presence of people. The detector, like all AJAX detectors, runs on batteries with a lifespan of about 4 to 5 years. After this you simply replace the battery yourself. Mounting the detector is easy thanks to the supplied plugs and screws, and you do not have to worry about the range, this is from the Hub (the name for the central unit of the system) up to 2,000 meters. So you can mount the AJAX MotionCAM really easy anywhere.

However, the MotionCAM is only intended for indoor mounting. But we just indicated that with a detached house it is possible to detect intruders early with the unique outdoor motion detectors that AJAX has developed.

Outdoor detection a “must have” for every detached property / villa

The AJAX outdoor motion detector is called MotionProtect Outdoor. This motion detector is placed outside as the name suggests. Because outside is where a potential burglar is first, and that’s where you want your detection equipment installed. With a detached house this is possible, so always apply this. 

What does the AJAX MotionProtect Outdoor do? This detector checks for the presence of people in an area of up to 175m2. This means that the sensor has a viewing angle of 90 degrees, which means that it is preferably mounted at an angle, and the sensor can look up to a distance of 15 meters. Of course it is also possible to reduce the distance to 3 meters if for whatever reason you want to secure a smaller area.

The sensitivity of the outdoor detector can be adjusted in 3 positions, and of course, if installed correctly, it will not respond to dogs, cats, birds, and moving plants caused by strong winds. For advice on the correct installation you can always contact us.

How many outdoor detectors does a detached property need?

This depends on the shape of the floor plan of your detached house. In an almost square house you place the detectors on the corners of the garden looking towards the house. If the maximum distance between the detectors is 30 meters, the entire area in between is secured. That is twice the distance that one detector can secure, so each detector will detect 15 meters from its detection area. Because of this, it is not possible to walk unseen between the 2 outdoor detectors to the detached house. From our installation experience we can say that almost all detached houses with 4 MotionProtect Outdoor detectors are well protected outside.

When do you need more outdoor motion detectors in a detached property?

If the detached house is not relatively square, but has many strange shapes, it may be necessary to mount one extra detector. Even if there is a lot of height difference in the surrounding garden, this can be detrimental to the surface that a detector can secure. And do you really have a very large villa, where the corners of the garden are more than 30 meters apart, and you want to secure the entire area, even then you need more products.

Do you have a very large garden, but is the detached house itself smaller than 30 by 30 meters, like most houses, then you can also choose to secure only the part of the garden directly in the vicinity of the house. A burglar will always walk towards the house, so guarding the entire garden is not always necessary.

If you doubt whether outside detection is possible for your detached house, or if you just want to be sure that what you want to buy is the right one, please contact us. We will be happy to look at the floor plan or the real photographs of your detached house to determine together what is most suitable, and what numbers we think you need.

Prevent an actual burglary in your detached property

Because the AJAX alarm system with its outdoor motion detectors will sound the siren immediately when someone walks outside in the secure area, this will prevent a lot of breakage damage to the house. We can’t imagine thieves attempting to do so while the siren is sounding, and all residents of the house are alerted directly on their mobile phones to his presence in your garden. In this way you actually prevent burglaries.

Optional options for securing your detached property

Besides placing outdoor motion detectors, many people will also want to know who is in the garden, and if there really is someone present. Of course, the siren won’t sound just like that, so we want to see what happens.

Don’t invest thousands of euro’s in a camera surveillance system, because the chance that someone doesn’t choose the hare path as soon as the siren sounds is small. You won’t see much on the cameras if AJAX keeps watch. What we do recommend is one, or at most two relatively simple but effective cameras outside, with which you can watch live when the alarm sounds.

Two cameras with a large viewing angle of 130 degrees, for example, are sufficient to view all 4 sides of the detached house. With two cameras you can immediately see if the person is still present, and who it might be. Prices of such cameras are around one hundred euros each, and are available from various manufacturers.

A widely used fully wireless camera on wifi and battery that we often use is the Ezviz C3A. The advantage of this is that it can be placed anywhere because there is no power and no internet cable to it. But of course there are also other camera systems possible on power and wifi, or fully wired. Just as well, just a little more work to install.


Every alarm system needs a central unit, which ensures that everything works together. The switchboard is called AJAX Hub, and is available in different versions. The differences between the available versions can be found on the page where we explain how the system works.

Actually, the only important thing here is that you know that Hub 1 does not support motionCAM and future outdoor motion detectors with built-in cameras, and Hub 2 does. So if in the future you want to see a photo of the perpetrator in addition to an alarm message on your phone, choose Hub 2 now.

The AJAX Hub is the only component within the alarm system that is wired to power, and preferably connected to your internet router. All other products/detectors are completely wireless.

Where does a complete security system for your detached property consist of

Each AJAX system always consists of one Hub, and one or more detectors for intrusion detection, or detection of smoke or water. The complete range of available detectors can be found in the category AJAX products.

In addition to detectors, you can choose sirens, remote controls, and possibly keypads for operating the system. Of course you can also use your own smartphone to operate the system at all times.

When securing a detached house, the outdoor motion detector is virtually the only product of choice in the field of detectors.

Only if not all sides of the house can be secured outside, because for example 1 side of the detached house is situated on a street or a zone that is not private, in other words, where other people can walk, then that side of the house needs to be secured on the inside. For this purpose, you can choose motion detectors such as AJAX MotionProtect, or possibly with a built-in camera so you can directly see a picture of the burglar on your smartphone, then choose AJAX MotionCAM in combination with the control panel: AJAX Hub 2.

We have created a starter package which is most often chosen for securing a detached property / villa. This package consists of the following products, where the Hub and sirens are available in black and white:

Alarm system detached house | AJAX Alarm system

AJAX Starter kit “Roermond

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Why 2 sirens in this Starter kit

We consciously choose one siren inside and one outside, and we like to explain why.

While sleeping in the detached property, you will most likely choose to activate the detectors outside, so that you will be informed as soon as someone walks onto/enters your plot. Many people then choose to set off the alarm late. This means that if someone walks into your garden at night, the inside siren will first beep softly for a few seconds (length of time to be set to your own preference) and only then, together with the outside siren, will go completely into alarm with the necessary noise.

Going fully into alarm means: Wake up the neighbors.

With an indoor siren you don’t have to wake the neighbors as well, because this siren will wake you up quietly with its soft beeps, which are also adjustable in volume, without immediately waking up the whole environment. In this delay time of the alarm you can turn off the alarm yourself so that the real alarm will not go off, and you go see what’s going on, or who’s walking around in your garden.

So an ideal location for the indoor siren is on or near your bedroom.

Note: You can only activate this delayed mode at night if you only want to be woken up by yourself. During the day you choose to let the alarm sound in full glory right at the first step in your garden.

Neighbours not important? Then of course you can also choose to set the alarm to sound in full at night.

How much sound comes out of a siren

The AJAX HomeSiren for indoors gives a volume of 105 decibels.

The AJAX StreetSiren gives a volume of no less than 113 decibels.

Please note that an increase of 3 decibels in volume means a doubling of the sound. The unit decibel increases exponentially. An increase of 8 decibels means that it sounds more than 6 times louder!

You can adjust the volume of both the HomeSiren and StreetSiren in the AJAX application. You could also lower the volume of the StreetSiren.

The advantage of the StreetSiren is that you can mount it anywhere in sight, so everyone can see that a siren can go off when they enter your plot. The StreetSiren also has a bright red LED ring in the housing which is clearly visible during an alarm.

And should anyone get the idea to move / touch the siren, regardless of whether the system is on alarm or off, the siren will sound. In the StreetSiren there is a built-in vibration / movement sensor that makes the siren sound as soon as someone with bad intentions wants to do something with the siren.

2,000 metres range, more than enough for every detached property

The detectors all have a large wireless range, which they owe to the Jeweller signal. This wireless protocol is unique to AJAX products and was developed by AJAX itself. Jeweller is economical in power consumption, which is good for the battery, consumes little data, and is protected against external intrusion. You can read all the information about this wireless signal with us.

Note: The 2,000 meters is the range between the central AJAX Hub and the wirelessly connected detectors. The range in which you receive free intrusion reports on your mobile phone is of course infinite, provided that your smartphone is equipped with internet and the mobile network signal is sufficient.

Create your own alarm system for a detached property

The above starter package is based on customers who want to place security outside. If you have a (detached) house and for whatever reason you would prefer to have only inside detection (which we do not recommend) then you can compose your own system as described on our information pages.

Where does a self-composed system consist of

In short, it comes down to choosing one Hub, (without MotionCAM, Hub 1 will suffice) and then choosing the desired detectors in the right numbers.

For added security, don’t forget to include an AJAX FireProtect smoke detector. These smoke detectors are extremely reliable and are the best smoke detectors currently available worldwide. Not only do they check for the presence of smoke, they also detect rapid temperature rises that would not occur under normal circumstances. They are not cheap, but they can save lives! (And they are also available with CO detection / carbon monoxide: AJAX FireProtect Plus)

Need help putting together an alarm system for your detached property?

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If you want a different composition

We have described above what the best-selling composition is for securing a detached property. However, if you want more or less detectors, or if you want to expand with, for example, extra smoke detectors, you either choose one of the above packages and expand it, or you simply select all the desired products yourself.

With AJAX you secure different objects and plots

No detached property / villa but something else to secure? That’s possible too.

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