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Wireless sirens

The siren is the only product of an alarm system that really attracts attention. That’s why intruders try to turn off the siren first. AJAX wireless sirens are equipped with vandal protection and sound so loud that it will grab the attention of a whole neighbourhood.

A powerful sound, a bright LED light, a weatherproof housing and a built-in accelerometer that warns of an attempt to disarm the siren, these essential elements combine in the AJAX StreetSiren. This is to ensure the security of a holiday home, private residence or office.

The compact and minimalistic housing of the indoor siren has a lower sound volume than the outdoor siren and includes a tamper alarm that warns if the siren is detached from its mounting plate. The AJAX sirens can also be used as a security status indicator and input/output delays.

AJAX HomeSiren | AJAX Alarmsysteem


Compact wireless indoor siren

  • Adjustable volume from 81 to 105 dB
  • Alarm duration from 3 to 180 seconds
  • Connector for an external LED
  • Security mode indication
  • Battery life of up to 5 years
  • Communication with the hub at a distance of up to 2,000 m
AJAX StreetSiren | AJAX Alarmsysteem


Wireless outdoor siren

  • Adjustable volume from 81 to 113 dB
  • Alarm duration from 3 to 180 seconds
  • LED frame to indicate alarms and security modes
  • Battery life of up to 5 years
  • Connector for external 12 V power supply
  • Communication with the hub at a distance of up to 1,500 m

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Features of the AJAX sirens

AJAX Street Siren installatie


Besides loud alarms, Ajax sirens also have features that make using the security system even more enjoyable. The LED light shows if the alarm is switched on. The flexible settings in the mobile app make it possible not to disturb neighbours with the operation of specific devices. For example, you can set the siren to sound in case of burglary and fire, but not when a water leak is detected.


Ajax outdoor sirens can easily handle heat, cold and storms. They remain effective in a range of -25°C to +60°C and the housing has an IP54 protection index. An alarm sounds whenever the siren is attempted to be detached from its mounting plate. The sirens are completely self-contained: they cannot be switched off by cutting the power. The replaceable batteries last for years, and the siren indicates in advance when they need to be replaced.

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