The AJAX alarm system application is available for Apple and Android users.

Before you can start installing the system you first need to download the AJAX Application on your smartphone.

iPhone users choose the App Store.

Android users with phones from brands such as Samsung, Huawei and OnePlus choose Google Play.

If you have also linked an Apple Watch on your iPhone, the AJAX app will also be installed on your Watch, allowing you to view and adjust the status of the alarm system.

Installation instruction AJAX Alarm system

Once the application has been downloaded and installed, create a user account.
Start with an account for yourself, you can always invite more users later by email link.

The AJAX Application offers the following possibilities

Turning the system on and off
Monitor and manage your home security while you are thousands of miles away.

Virtual panic button
Report an emergency so that other users can come.

Notifications tab
You always know exactly what happened and when. Keep an eye on who made the system changes.

Detailed device status
Get instant information on battery level, room temperature and settings.

Test devices
Adjust the detection zones and test the quality of the radio signal while you are far from home.

Smart memories
Get a notification about turning on the system when you leave, and turning off the system when you come back.

Keep security private
Enable a secure application login with a password or fingerprint.

App updates
Get new features that enhance the system’s security capabilities.

AJAX has another application called AJAX PRO: Tools for Engineers.

A free mobile application for installers and security engineers. As a private person, do not use this application.

This PRO app is specially designed for installers who want to be able to access multiple systems at the same time.

So much for the AJAX application information.

Read on to find out more about using a SIM card in the Hub or linking it to a control room.

Sim card & control room

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