When you buy an alarm system, you think of a professional company that will install it at your home.

The installation and programming is done by an expert, and once the security company has done its job you can only switch the system on and off, and you are always completely dependent on the security company.

In other words: The alarm system continues to cost you money, because you let the expert carry out any adjustments or maintenance.

This is how it used to have to be done in the past, and this is still the way it is now with old-fashioned systems. But it can also be done differently… With the AJAX alarm system you decide everything yourself.

Fully self-installable with your own smartphone in just 15~30 minutes

No technical knowledge is required, anyone can do it!
Everything works with scanning a QR code to link products. And if for whatever reason you don’t find out for yourself, we can remotely arrange everything for you, completely free of charge. 100% Installation guarantee.

The AJAX alarm system offers unique features

  • Early motion detection in your garden prevents an actual burglary in your home
  • Animal friendly: Does not respond to birds, dogs or cats
  • Wireless detectors with a range of up to 2,000 metres
  • No monthly fees
  • No maintenance contract: The system checks itself. Not once a year, but every 6 seconds
  • Full control with your smartphone
  • Receive global alerts on your smartphone when the signal is detected or disturbed
  • 2-Way communication with all detectors
  • Detectors up to 7 years working on supplied battery
  • Free product software updates
  • More reliable than a wired system thanks to constant connection to the Cloud

By using AJAX outdoor motion detectors, the chance of forcing locks or windows is minimal because this person has already been spotted before he arrives at your house and the siren sounds.

In addition, all connections between your smartphone and all detectors are constantly monitored. Signal loss or burglary attempts without this being reported on your smartphone are absolutely impossible!

Do you still have an alarm system with the following features?

  • Detection of burglary only when the thief is already in your home
  • Wired alarm system with high maintenance costs and limited possibilities
  • Paying hundreds of euros a year to a control room that only informs the police in case of verified burglaries in the house
  • Pay for a maintenance contract to check all detectors once a year

Now switch to the AJAX alarm system.

Declared alarm system of the year by the organisations listed below:

  • “Burglary alarm of the year (Security & Fire Excellence Awards)
  • “Most innovative product (MIPS Securika)
  • Medal winner for “Risk of fire and burglary” (Expoprotection)

With the AJAX alarm system you are the expert!

With AJAX you are the full owner of the entire system. You decide which products you buy now and in the future. You are never dependent on an external party or a security company that imposes certain obligations on you.

If you buy the AJAX alarm system through a security company, and you let them install it, make sure that you are the owner / administrator of the system, and know all the passwords.

Unfortunately, it may happen that installation companies do not want to share this information during installation, so you will be obliged to buy new products from the same installation company in the future. Without the correct data you will not be able to connect additional products to your alarm system. So be sure that if you outsource the installation, you manage all authorisations of the system yourself, and are free to purchase and connect new products from any supplier.

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